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New Fully-Automated 1-Click Software Generates Viral Traffic, Leads & Commissions In Just 60 Seconds!

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Got 60 Seconds To Get Results Like This?

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Your Next ‘Big’ HIT in 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1

Activate - Access the software and get ready to go viral.

Step 2

Trigger - Get the viral landing pages, followers and profiles in motion.

Step 3

Profit - Your List and Social Followers EXPLODE which brings you more leads and sales.

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So We All Know There Are 3 Ways To Get Traffic...

Paid Ads

Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or any other network that you have to pay money for traffic.


Real people sharing and engaging with your content both on your web site and on Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest ,etc.


Link building and on-page optimization that can earn you penalties from Google.

SOCIAL MEDIA is DOMINATING 2019 right now...
Viral Is PROVEN To Bring Millions Of Visitors & Dollars

The internet is evolving and the old ways of marketing are dying…

In order to stay ahead of the wave , we must adapt and grow…

...right now social media is completely untapped. And it’s the only way for things to “go viral”.

“Viral” is a marketing channel that brings in life-changing traffic AND profits.

We’ve been building this software from the ground up - we’ve seen it all. And we’ve NEVER seen a method generate more traffic than “viral traffic”.

Viral traffic is one of the best methods, if not THE best out there.

What Does This Mean To You? Simple...Nothing Beats Social Media, Period.

The internet is CHANGING because now we can turn our social media accounts into ATM machines…

...making $1000s of dollars per day and gaining 1000s of Leads without lifting a finger…

...using our brand new never before seen viral sharing software that does ALL the heavy lifting and removes all the headaches..

It’s so simple even your grandma can do it!

So You Understand Millions Of People Are Using Social Media, But Why The Hell Am I Not Making Money With It?

From The Desk of,

Mike Mckay

Before I knew anything about the online ‘jungle’ I devoured videos like a mad man on YouTube.

I was so determined to make this work.

I look back on that moment and wonder “Why the hell am I devouring these videos?”

Then it HIT Me….

I noticed that there was a handful of reasons which separate my students who are making 4-5 figures a week with FREE Facebook & twitter traffic to those trying to make their first dollar online.

  • Not Enough Time To Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Finding It Hard To Get "Followers" To Convert To Sales
  • Not Knowing What Works Right Now
  • Information Overload

Put Simply, People Are Playing With Fire In their business!

What If You Could Remove All The Guesswork and Automate Your Sales With the largest social media platforms….24/7?


  • Generate affiliate commissions easier than before!
  • Virally grow your customer list!
  • Explode your social media following with just a few clicks!

Viral Spark is The World's First & Only Multi Social Network Software That Generates Social Media Followers Via Viral Sharing

You can easily select a high converting landing page to grow your followers.

Then unlock the next page which creates an EXPLOSIVE community of followers for your social profiles...generating more traffic and engagement,

Then comes the main dish - after unlocking the page your subscriber is presented with a high converting sales offer - generating an immediate deluge of commissions

This generates affiliate commissions and grows your customer list on AUTOPILOT...

Have Viral Spark go to work for you today and start generating monster profits by putting this most powerful sales medium on STEROIDS!

But Don’t Take My Word For It See What Some Of Our Beta Testers Had To Say

Venkata Ramana

“The new Viral Spark system is beyond amazing. Anyone and everyone who needs to get viral followers, leads and commissions needs to be using this DFY software. The power and vitality of this software is beyond belief…it’s a MUST HAVE!”

Kevin Byrne

“If you need free, targeted traffic today in any niche then you need Viral Spark. Create highly viral campaigns in under 60 seconds & get 100% unlimited free traffic using Viral Spark with ZERO extra costs. It really makes everything so very simple…and it’s going to help so many people.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Igor Burban

“Viral Spark is definitely my 1st choice software for generating viral traffic, leads and sales! It's also incredibly easy and fast to use. If you need to boost your following and online engagement and haven’t hours of time to invest, then you just have to have this. Get Viral Spark without a second’s hesitation. This is such an improvement on any method I've used to grow my social media following virally…I just love it!”

Ariel Sanders

“Amazing software...I never realized that list building can be so easy. The Viral Spark system literally builds it for you!  Incredible...I’m in awe :-) ”

Ram Rawat

“If you ever wanted to to grow your social media profiles without having to invest in expensive advertising, Viral Spark will do this for you. I literally couldn't believe it in the beginning when I saw how it works - it's one of the most ingenious ways to play the social media game and also grow your list at the same time. Absolutely amazing.”

Turns Social Media Followers Into Customers

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Viral Spark is so FAST and EASY it will blow your mind.

And so simple a total newbie without ANY experience can get it going!

MASSIVE Viral Effect…proven to be a secret weapon for the pros!

Just enter an email and hit submit.

Now your followers get presented with an ‘Offer’.


You are DONE and Viral Spark is now going to spit out commissions like clockwork without you having to lift a finger!


With This Viral Software You’ll Be Able To:

Generate VIRAL Landing Pages

And leverage other people’s followers to engage and drive traffic to your offers.

Build your email lists

So you can keep growing that cash making engine.

Automatically generate TARGETED Followers

The software finds people that will follow's simple, and super-effective.

Monetize traffic in any way you wish

With easy integration of affiliate offers, CPA, eCom products and much more.

Works In Any Niche

Generate leads and commissions in ANY niche online and offline!

Run UNLIMITED Campaigns

Run unlimited campaigns with Viral Spark to guarantee Earth-shattering result!

Fully Cloud-Based

Viral Spark is fully-automated running on 'set & forget' technology!

Generate FREE Leads Daily

Viral Spark will generate unlimited FREE leads daily!

And, our social media builder grows your following FAST!

..All it takes is a few clicks and you will have access to our best kept secret.

We've removed all the guesswork and delivered ONLY results...

...leaving you with a simple solution to generate followers, and SALES!

When You Get Viral Spark Today, You Can Achieve Results Like This At Lightning Speed…

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So What Will I Get With Viral Spark To Start Generating Results Today?

Your Own Viral Landing Page

Requiring social media handle to activate Shows referral numbers of others who've joined from referrer Auto-directs to Step 2 when step is completed

Landing page

Requires to follow # of profiles to activate system Random profiles presented to follow Auto-directs to Step 3 when step is completed

Ability For "Upline" To Capture The Email Addresses Generated By Their Downline

Achieve a massive subscribers’ list through activating the system - both through your landing pages and the ones who have activated their landing page through yours. This is list building, as hands free as it will ever get.

Integration with either IG/Pinterest/YouTube/Twitter

Social media is super hot and the best way there is to generate traffic. Viral Spark integrates with the major social media platforms, thereby gaining you followers, leads and traffic on autopilot. Prepare to be amazed!

Integration with Zapier

No need to invest in high-tech expensive complicated software. Viral Spark will do all the heavy lifting for you through our integration with Zapier, the world's leading integration software.

IMAGINE This...!

Turn 1 Follower Into 100s or Even 1000s With ONE Simple Share Using Viral Spark!

Proof Image

All it takes is just 1 Share to go VIRAL… you can leverage your followers followers by presenting them OFFERS…

...they submit their email to follow the social media profile…

...the page unlocks and redirects to an AFFILIATE offer…

...generating you SALES...on total autopilot.

I'm Stunned At The Engagement Viral Spark Generated On One Of My FB Pages Last Month!


Let me ask you real quick…

If the answer is “yes” to ANY of these questions, then don’t wait to pick this up.

  • Do you want INSANE amounts of viral traffic hitting your offers
  • Do you want to make automated sales
  • Do you want to grow your engagement on IG, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest

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The simple truth is that social media is growing. So why not take advantage of this and see what type of traffic you’ll get?

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I need to download big file sizes to my computer?

Not at all! This is a 100% cloud-based application.

Do I need to have any kind of Technical Skills to use "Viral Spark" ?

None, whatsoever.

Do I need to download any other software to use Viral Spark?

No, you don't have to download any other software to use Viral Spark. It's a cloud-based application.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. We ensure that EVERY customer of ours is fully satisfied and as such we offer a no risk, 30 day money back guarantee. Simply send us an email within 30 days and we will refund the money, no questions asked.

Do I need to pay Monthly/Yearly for the Viral Spark membership?

No. During this limited availability launch special period, you don't need to pay monthly/yearly for access to the Viral Spark. This is a ONE time payment only.

What If I Have More Questions And Need Help?

Simple! Just shoot our friendly support staff an email and we will get to your question as soon as possible. We are here to help you along each step of the way.

How many followers and leads can I have ?

You can 500 of each - more than enough to get you earning immediately!